The Genesis Programme service delivery model is across four main strands:

Antenatal & Baby     |     Early Years     |     Schools     |     Quality

This structure ensures continuity of service delivery across the Incredible Years® suite of programmes and commences with an antenatal programme – Preparing for Baby – and is aligned with our vision: 

To measurably improve the well-being and developmental outcomes for children aged pre-birth to 6 years in the targeted areas by implementing the Incredible Years® suite of programmes with fidelity using an agreed area based approach.

Wrapped around the delivery of the Antenatal & Baby, Early Years and Schools Programmes are a range of supports to ensure that the service is delivered with fidelity, that standards are maintained through ongoing collaboration and exploring with Partner Organisations.

This is done through training, capacity building, coaching, mentoring and evaluation.

  • Antenatal & Baby

    The following programmes will be delivered through Community and Health settings in collaboration with health professionals and community based projects:

    - Preparing for Baby Programme
    - Incredible Years® Parent & Baby Programme

    For more info contact Frances Durnin, Development Officer (Antenatal & Baby Programmes)

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