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Teacher Classroom Management Programme

Teacher Classroom Management (TCM) is a prevention programme that provides teachers with the skills to effectively manage their classroom and promote children’s social, emotional, and academic competence.

It is designed for school personnel who wish to adopt a ‘whole school’ approach and are keen to reflect the Incredible Years® principles within their school ethos.

It focuses on ways teachers can effectively collaborate with and support parents’ school involvement, and promote home-to-school consistency.

TCM places a strong emphasis on consistent parental involvement in the educational life of their children.

Training is delivered for one day per month over a five month period with time in between each workshop so that teachers have time to practice the new skills they are learning.

The following areas are covered during the workshops that school personnel attend:

  • Building Positive Relationships with Students
  • Preventing Behaviour Problems – The Proactive Teacher
  • The Importance of Teacher Attention, Coaching and Praise
  • Motivating Children Through Incentives
  • Decreasing Inappropriate Behaviour
  • Emotional Regulation, Social Skills & Problem Solving

Classroom Dina Programme

The Classroom Dina Programme is a classroom-based preventive programme designed to be delivered to all children in the class.

The Classroom Dinosaur Curriculum is used by teachers as a prevention programme for an entire classroom of students. The curriculum is delivered 2-3 times a week by teachers in the classroom in 20-30 minute circle time lessons, followed by small group practice activities and promotion of skills throughout the school day.

The learning in the Incredible Years® Classroom Dina programme mirrors that of Small Group Dina/Dina School.

All children in the class have the opportunity to interact with Molly, Wally, Dina and Tiny Turtle learning how to express their feelings and emotions in an appropriate manner, make friends, problem solve and follow rules.

The programme includes letters for teachers to send home with suggested activities parents can do with their children to reinforce the classroom learning and promote parent involvement in classroom learning.

The Classroom Dina Programme includes:

  • Wally & Dina Teach About School Rules
  • Dina Teaches About Doing Your Best in School
  • Wally Teaches About Understanding & Detective Feelings
  • Wally Teaches How to Problem Solve
  • Tiny Turtle Teaches Anger Management
  • Molly Teaches How to be Friendly
  • Molly Explains How to Talk with Friends

The programme includes lesson plans for 3 “levels” so that teachers can choose lessons based on children’s developmental age.

Both the intensive small group and classroom based programmes are based on the principles of praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement. Both programmes have been rigorously evaluated and have been proven to have a direct positive impact on childrens’ overall social and emotional development.

Small Group Dina Programme

The Small Group Dina Programme or Dina School is an intensive programme aimed at treating children who present with specific emotional and behavioural problems such as conduct problems, poor social skills and internalising issues.

With the help of their incredible friends Molly, Wally, Dina and Tiny Turtle, children who attend Dina School learn how to regulate their emotions, make friends, problem solve and be successful at school.

It is delivered in 2-hour weekly small group sessions (6 children per group) for 18-22 weeks.

Ideally it should be offered in conjunction with a parent training programme so parents have an opportunity to foster their children’s learning in Dinosaur School in their interactions with them at home.

The Small Group Dina Programme covers:

  • Making New Friends & Learning School Rules
  • How to be Successful in School
  • Detecting and Understanding Feelings
  • Wally Teaches Problem Solving Steps
  • Molly Manners Teaches How to be Friendly
  • Molly Explains How to Talk with Friends

Incredible Years® Parent Programme

The Parent Programme forms an integral part of the Incredible Years training series. It aims to strengthen parent child interactions and supports parents in improving proactive parenting skills and strategies.

The Parent Programme is designed for parents of children aged 3 to 8 years of age and is delivered to parents by 2 trained Group Leaders once a week over a 14 week period.

The programme strengthens parent-child interactions and attachment, reducing harsh discipline and fostering parents’ ability to promote children’s social, emotional, and language development. Parents also learn how to build school readiness skills and are encouraged to partner with teachers and day care professionals so they can promote children’s emotional regulation and social skills.

In the parenting groups, Group Leaders use video clips of real-life situational vignettes to support the training and trigger group discussions, problem solving and practice exercises.

The Parent Programme covers:

  • Strengthening Children’s Social Skills
  • Strengthening Emotional Regulation
  • Strengthening School Readiness Skills
  • Using Praise & Incentives to Encourage Cooperative Behaviour
  • Positive Discipline – Rules, Routines and Effective Limit Setting
  • Positive Discipline – Handling Misbehaviour

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